Business Travel Stakeholders

To find out what stakeholders want in a corporate travel program, BTN spoke with travel managers and their leaders in the C-suite, finance, procurement, HR, security and IT departments.... Check It Out

Annual Reports

Corporate Travel Index

BTN and its research partners dove into per-diem data for 100 U.S. cities and 100 more around the rest of the world. The result: daily costs for hotel, car rental and food to help manage your travel program.... KEEP READING

Small & Midsize Enterprise Report

BTN looks into the management and procurement aspects unique to travel managers of small and midsize enterprises, from boosting negotiating power to to capitalizing technology to managing economic globalization... KEEP READING

Strategic Meetings Report

Corporate travel and meetings pros weigh in on meetings spend, both travel and procurement departments' involvement in meetings, contract authority, strategic meetings management practices and tech usage.... KEEP READING

Car Rental Survey & Report

Travel buyers rate the major car rental companies in seven categories & quantify both how important chauffeured transportation qualities are and how satisfied they are with suppliers’ delivery on those factors.... KEEP READING

Hotel Brand Survey & Report

BTN surveys travel buyers to gather ratings for 13 factors across each the luxury, upper-upscale, upscale, upper-midprice, midprice & extended-stay tiers.... KEEP READING