2017 CT 100 squareBusiness Travel's Bellwether

A ranking of the corporate travel programs that spent the most on U.S.-booked air spend in 2016. BTN lists air volume, T&E and primary suppliers; reviews corporate strategy and program and policy changes; and reveals trends in travel management and procurement. This time around, concerted efforts at some programs to reduce spend combined with increases at other programs to shake up the rankings. BTN's David Meyer spearheaded our research.

What Changed in the Past Year


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The CT 100 is based on 2016 air tickets purchased at all U.S. points of sale for domestic or international business travel. Many organizations provided at least some information for use in their specific listings. Respondent organizations completed an online questionnaire; some provided additional information in interviews. For organizations that did not participate, BTN used industry sources, published reports and other intelligence about specific programs to provide an estimate of U.S.-booked travel spend. Estimates are noted in the listings. In the online questionnaires, BTN asked respondents to list their organizations’ highest-volume suppliers and other preferred suppliers in the U.S. and other regions; their responses are included by supplier category and listed in order of volume as principal suppliers.

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