BTN's 2022 Corporate Travel 100

CT 100 Cover ImageHow Low Can You Go?

When BTN compiled last year’s Corporate Travel 100, it was hard to imagine a year in which business travel volumes would go even lower for the marquee travel programs that in previous years had been the industry’s most robust and most heavily invested. But we all know by now, that’s exactly what 2021 visited upon the business travel industry—an environment in which many of the world’s largest corporations remained in bunker mode for an entire year in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, as travel restrictions and regulations reduced the business travel value proposition and technology solutions continued to bridge the gaps whenever possible.

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Why are there only 99 companies on BTN’s Corporate Travel 100 this year? Due to the massive drop in corporate travel during the pandemic, BTN made the editorial decision to compile the 2021 and 2022 Corporate Travel 100 based on the same list of companies that made the list in 2020 (based on 2019 data). The objective of our approach was to understand the impact of the pandemic on their programs. Mergers and acquisitions between some companies on the 2020 CT100, reduced our benchmark universe to 99 companies. As always, the BTN CT100 is based on the prior year’s travel volume. This issue reflects travel volumes from full-year 2021.

BTN’s executive director of conference content and strategy David Meyer contacted each company on the 2021 Corporate Travel 100 to conduct a follow-up interview and online survey to find out how each company was dealing with business travel reduction, how they were adjusting travel programs in the interim and whether the hiatus would drive fundamental changes. Certain companies decline the BTN outreach. For companies that chose not to confirm U.S.-booked business air travel volumes, BTN used industry sources, published reports and other intelligence about specific programs to provide an estimate of U.S.-booked air volume. Estimates are noted in the listings. The BTN editorial team would like to thank David Meyer for his efforts this year—and every year—to compile the list and survey this important group of business travel experts.