BTN's 2019 Small & Midsize Enterprise Travel Management Report

A Few SME Travel Program Models


 alt='Small & Midsize Travel Management Models'  Title='Small & Midsize Travel Management Models'
Small & Midsize Travel Management ModelsTuesday, September 10 at 1:00 PM EDT / 10:00 AM PDTWatch Now!

 Travel management brings real value to small and midsize enterprises. From fiduciary responsibility to duty of care, all the way to traveler experience, a managed program can deliver. But what is the right travel management model for your small or midsize enterprise? In this webinar, BTN will bring together three travel buyers, each with a very different model for managing their small or midmarket program. Each buyer will outline his or her model and the objectives it achieves for them. Then, we'll open the panel to the audience – no question is too big or small. So whether you are just starting out with modest spend or have a mature midmarket travel management strategy, this webinar will deliver something for everyone. 

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