BTN's 2020 Small & Midsize Enterprise Travel Management Report

Case Studies

Glovo Gets Its Hands Around Business Travel Visibility & Supplier Deals

Barcelona-based Glovo is an app-based, on-demand delivery service predominantly specializing in takeaway food but also in groceries, gifts and more. The company's business travel needs have increased rapidly in the five years since it was launched in 2015.  In the early days, its relatively modest business travel requirements were handled by the organization's office manager, for whom booking trips was just one element of a multi-faceted role—a familiar set-up for many SMEs. But as the company grew, so did its travel needs, which were taking up increasingly more of the office manager's time. KEEP READING

Technology Is Your Friend

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, Indiana-based Real Food Blends, which makes pureed food for individuals with feeding tubes, depended on conferences geared toward medical professionals and smaller targeted events to grow its business. Since the pandemic began, all in-person events were canceled, and not all have switched to virtual options. But instead of a sales drop, the company has expanded its customer base by embracing technology opportunities and maintaining its events budget. KEEP READING

Virtual Reality

Craig Lundskog, finance director and controller for Kaysville, Utah-based construction firm Great Basin Industrial, was nervous. A major monkey wrench had been thrown into the works of the company's implementation of expense management and accounts payable services from Chrome River in the form of the Covid-19 pandemic, which shuttered both companies' offices in the midst of the implementation process. KEEP READING

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