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Great Hotels of the World

Great Hotels of the World falls under the umbrella of Big Worldwide, a global travel, technology and media company. Great Hotels of the World provides marketing alliances for individual hotels and represents more than 200 hotels around the world. Three brands are used to categorize the various hotels, including the superior Luxury Collection, the upscale Premium Collection and the midrange Classic Collection.

Great Hotels of the World helps market luxury franchise hotels the world over. It divides its properties by topic into Pure Spa Hotels, Pure Golf Hotels, Pure Romance Hotels, Pure Honeymoon Hotels, Pure Gourmet Hotels and Pure Weekend Hotels. Each category features its own Web site, allowing travelers to find a hotel to suit their needs.

Great Hotels of the World offers travel deals and promotions as well as the services of knowledgeable travel guides that help travelers select the destination that's right for them. Their lists include all kinds of upscale hotels from chains such as Conrad Hotels to exclusive limited location resorts.

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