2020 Business Travel Buyer's Handbook

BTN's Special Edition of the 2020 Business Travel Buyer's Handbook includes chapter-by-chapter introductory articles addressing the unique challenges of buying and managing travel during Covid-19. As always, the industry's annual answer book contains the rock-solid fundamentals for building or optimizing your organization's travel program. Don’t miss this year’s additions.

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Structuring a Managed Travel Program

Even as borders begin to reopen in Asia and Europe, the threat of Covid-19 remains, and the U.S. and Latin America continue to struggle with spiking infection rates. In this environment, companies are considering whether and how to manage their return to travel.  With CEOs awaiting recommendations, travel managers need to work with HR, legal and risk management... Keep Reading

Establishing a T&E Policy

When it comes to corporate managed travel, the travel policy is the bedrock upon which is built everything from general guidance to specific rules and requirements. But what constitutes an effective policy varies depending on the needs and characteristics of particular organizations. For some, a brief document with overarching guidelines is sufficient, while others need... Keep Reading

Selecting a Travel Management Company

Covid-19 decimated the financial health of the TMC community and resulted in a tidal wave of layoffs and furloughs that swept through agents and executives alike. Ironically, after the crisis of repatriating employees and canceling trips died down, the ongoing challenges to business travel presented by Covid-19 have delivered a strong argument for the vital role of the... Keep Reading

Setting Up a Corporate Lodging Program

Researchers and procurement specialists predict lodging rates will fluctuate for the remainder of 2020 but remain lower than they were in 2019. To capture existing demand, hotels are expected to offer attractive rates for the upcoming request or proposal season. Industry projections show lodging demand and revenue per available room to fall short of pre-pandemic levels... Keep Reading

Working with Airlines

With travel buyers and airlines alike facing a double-blind situation with corporate air programs, many are in no rush to move forward with the request-for-proposals process, even those with contracts set to expire. Many buyers at the moment are assessing their own programs and determining what travel will be essential when global restrictions are eased while... Keep Reading

Working with Car Rental Firms

Car rental providers suffered immensely in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many saw revenues plummet by more than 70 percent year over year. Some have had to furlough and lay off staff, sell off or return their rented fleets or, in Hertz's case, declare bankruptcy.  As the crisis escalated and carriers canceled flights, however, car rental suppliers became... Keep Reading

Working with Chauffeured Car Providers

Chauffeur providers are eager to service corporates and see the fall in air travel as an opportunity to demonstrate their value to corporates by using convenient, comfortable and safe service. This puts buyers in a stronger position when it comes to negotiations. Cheaper, less regulated ride-hailing programs, however, may lose some luster. To keep travelers safe... Keep Reading

Selecting a Corporate Payment System

With hygiene and safety concerns expected to be top of mind as business travel resumes, contactless payments could finally gain significant traction, especially in the U.S., which has lagged other markets when it comes to contactless usage. The increased interest in touchless also will likely further boost usage of virtual cards, which already have gained adherents in... Keep Reading

Getting Started with Meetings Management

Leading up to press time, event organizer confidence that face-to-face meetings would resume in 2020 had dimmed significantly over the previous months. As Covid-19 surged in the South and Western U.S., i-Meet's weekly Planner Confidence Index survey took a turn for the worse. The percentage of respondents who expected to restart face-to-face meetings during the... Keep Reading

Core Technology & Data Reporting

By putting an extended halt on corporate travel, the Covid-19 pandemic created at least one positive side effect: sparking the potential to reimagine the future of the industry by creating an ideal environment for technological innovation. With day-to-day travel support functions essentially removed from travel managers' and suppliers' to-do lists, the opportunity is... Keep Reading

Taking On Travel Risk Management

With the global Covid-19 pandemic underscoring the critical duty corporations shoulder in ensuring the health and safety of their travelers, travel buyers and suppliers are re-envisioning the processes and services that will be necessary for companies to manage risk stemming from the virus, so they can safely and confidently send their employees back onto the road. Many... Keep Reading

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