2020 State of the Industry Report

Travel Management Beyond Covid-19

The travel industry has been decimated by the novel coronavirus since January. Pockets of recovery in a handful of Asia-Pacific countries show that stopping the virus will bring economic relief, regenerate business and restart business travel. When that happens, travel managers told BTN they will return to a different program landscape.... KEEP READING

Suppliers Seek Relief as Consequences Mount

As the business travel industry's most wrenching year draws to a close without a vaccine for the virus that has battered suppliers of all sizes and with a full return of corporate travel seemingly years away, suppliers have turned to government and... KEEP READING

Testing Schemes Could Reduce Quarantines in 2021

International business travel will not revive while visitors are routinely quarantined on arrival. That is the clear verdict of the 335 travel buyers polled as part of BTN’s 2020 State of the Industry Survey. An overwhelming 93 percent said that if... KEEP READING

Have We Reached Peak Zoom?

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced employees, travel managers and C-suite executives to reassess the value of travel. Many have concluded that, despite avid use, virtual meeting platforms and remote teams may not be the ultimate future of the workplace.... KEEP READING

Doing the Job: How Travel Managers Are Working Now

In the midst of a pandemic that brought travel of all kinds to a grinding halt, with little clarity on when and how it will resume at scale, the work of managing corporate travel was not business as usual in 2020. A prolonged decline in business travel... KEEP READING

In Conversation: Airline Partnerships in 2021

Where are the opportunities and how will travel managers need to work with their airline partners moving into 2021? One thing is sure, historical data isn’t the answer. In addition, airlines have changed key policies and will be flexible with buyers... KEEP READING

In Conversation: Lodging Partnerships 2021

BTN research shows that 82 percent of buyers plan to negotiate lodging rates for 2021. Sources see a hybrid approach shaping up, where buyers are negotiating their top properties, but rolling over their 2020 rates for the majority, or switching to... KEEP READING

Innovation Outlook: Startup Shakeup

Corporate travel may be in the deep freeze while the global pandemic persists,  but deal-making is heating up in the sector, which has seen a spate of startup acquisitions and distribution partnerships in recent months. The particulars... KEEP READING

Technology Trend Watch

Driven by demand from spending managers for greater security and better cost controls, and bolstered by increased acceptance from end-suppliers, virtual cards have carved out a significant market share in corporate payments—though plastic corporate... KEEP READING

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