Understanding the Pandemic-Era Traveler

Tailoring business travel to individual needs has taken on new significance with the complexities introduced by Covid-19. What do business travelers need now, what do they want and can travel programs deliver?

Traveler-First Risk Management

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted a number of areas in which corporate travel management can change for the better, and the safety and security of employees has risen to the top as a high priority for most companies as travel returns.... KEEP READING

Is Managing Non-Travel a New Frontier?

Reluctance to travel will remain an issue, even after travel generally opens to employees. What travel policies or tools need to be in place to deal with this—and when does it become more an HR issue than a travel issue?... KEEP READING


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Transforming the Business Travel ExperienceFri, Nov. 12 at 1pm ET / 10am PTWatch Now

Business travelers need more information than ever, but how do you deliver the right information at the right time for them to make the right decisions? Corporate travel has grappled with this problem for a long time and all across the business travel journey from booking to on-trip to expense reporting. The technology—and the will—exists today to deliver a better business travel experience. Personalization is part of it, context is part of it but so are the right tools and services. Join BTN's panel of experts and innovators to explore the opportunities on the cusp of business travel's great recovery.


Michelle DeCosta, Global Head of Travel, Meetings & Events, Fleet, Aviation, Takeda Pharmaceuticals
Jack Dow, CEO, Grapevine, BTN 2021 Innovator of the Year
Will Tate, Partner, GoldSpring Consulting
Moderator: Beth West, Editorial Director, The BTN Group

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