The year 2020 in the business travel industry will be defined by the Covid-19 pandemic and its effects, a fact reflected in BTN’s Most Influential of 2020, a list that includes the government leaders, travel association heads, supplier executives and others who most directly shaped, for better or worse, the industry’s response to the coronavirus. But the pandemic isn’t the only event of 2020, nor is it the sole focus of BTN’s annual assessment of influence, which includes the actors behind the year’s biggest mergers, partnerships, expansions, lawsuits and initiatives. It also reflects the other theme of 2020: justice and injustice amid an awakening industry. It’s been a year to remember and a year to forget, but an examination of the forces at work in 2020 can only help the industry prepare for, hopefully, a vaccine-powered return to the not-too-distant past of abundant global business travel. Here’s to 2021.

The List