2018 Business Travel Buyer's Handbook

Learning the ins and outs of managing travel isn’t easy, and the responsibility is vast. Here’s the thing: This work really matters. Companies don’t send employees to travel for nothing. Travel management provides the business support to drive top-line revenue by ensuring employees arrive when and where the business opportunity presents itself and with the fewest logistical obstructions. It’s easy to talk about trends and opportunities for optimizing travel management. It’s much harder to dig into. Every year, BTN provides the most detailed and most comprehensive answer book for travel managers who may be new to the practice or those who may be expanding their responsibility sets.

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Structuring a Managed Travel Program

Managing travel today is an exercise in balance. A well-managed program must balance cost containment with traveler satisfaction, traveler compliance with traveler productivity on the road, and traveler comfort and convenience with safety and security. Constructing such a program that aligns with the goals and culture of the overall organization requires flexibility,... Keep Reading

Establishing a T&E Policy

A travel policy is the foundation of a corporate managed Travel program. It's where travel managers offer everything from guidance to requirements. The format can range from a one-pager that advocates common sense, to a long, detailed document that covers all the bases, all the questions a traveler may have or scenarios he or she may encounter. There are benefits and... Keep Reading

Selecting a Travel Management Company

The travel management company is a travel manager's primary partner. The TMC's evolving role has been a hot topic as technology rises that some think can perform TMC tasks. For the foreseeable future, however, TMCs will remain an integral part of corporate managed travel, as a central clearinghouse for booking, traveler service, third-party tech services and data. The... Keep Reading

Getting Started with Meetings Management

Strategic meetings management provides direction For Companies to guide the strategy, operations and tactical activities of meetings and events to improve business processes, quality and ROI and to reduce costs, risks and inefficiencies. The meeting or event type does not matter. SMM covers training, marketing, sales, client events, onsite meetings, leadership events... Keep Reading

Setting Up a Corporate Lodging Program

Overseeing a corporate lodging program can prove to be one of the most grueling and time-consuming aspects of travel management. A fragmented industry of hotel brands, owners and management companies, a sourcing cycle that can in its traditional form take months out of each year and a shifting landscape of technologies make it a challenging category for even experienced... Keep Reading

Working with Airlines

Air travel typically is the largest single cost within a corporate travel program, but it's not any easier to hit the bull's-eye on a big target. Globally, and especially in the U.S., carriers have consolidated significantly over the past decade, leaving fewer players with which buyers can negotiate. Even as global air demand has continued to grow in recent years,... Keep Reading

Working with Car Rental Firms

Rental car transactions represent a relatively minor share of a typical organization's travel budget, normally about 10 cents on the dollar, but they can play an important role in traveler comfort and productivity. As relentless competition between major car rental suppliers persists, deals remain readily available in the category, not only on rate but also on the long... Keep Reading

Working with Chauffeured Car Providers

Chauffeured cars can be a significant amount of spend for some companies. Lower costs and higher traveler comfort and security make a well-structured ground transportation program worthwhile. The market continues to develop rapidly: consolidation among established providers, growth of on-demand providers like Uber and Lyft, and near-demand and on-demand apps from... Keep Reading

Selecting a Corporate Payment System

The payment industry has simplified purchases for travelers with mobile wallets, virtual products and biometrics, among other innovations. Meanwhile, data breaches have prompted heightened security protocols. Cardholders also have become more conscious of privacy issues, and legislation is altering how suppliers collect and store data. Traditional payment providers now... Keep Reading

Core Technology & Data Reporting

Travel management technologies are changing. Even some of the core elements like online booking tools, which long have compared unfavorably against consumer travel booking tools, are starting to come around. Much of the innovation has emerged from smaller players with mobile-first technologies, aggregated global distribution system and non-GDS content strategies and... Keep Reading

Taking On Travel Risk Management

Despite the increased attention corporations are paying to their travelers' safety and security as a globalized economy, geopolitics and instability converge, experts remind companies that safety and security have as much to do with mundane threats as with terrorist attacks. Whether a hurricane, a city center bombing, the flu or exhaustion, work with HR and... Keep Reading

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