In this guide, BTN hopes to help buyers looking for a new online booking tool—or those potentially in the market for the first time—understand how booking tools are functioning today and how organizations, program administrators and travelers stand to gain from effective travel booking tools.

The Profiles

BTN created the profiles below based on feedback from two surveys: One asked suppliers themselves about their offerings. Their responses—standardized in format and edited for clarity—form the foundation of their profiles. In the second survey, we asked 150 buyers to comment on their current booking tools. Again, their responses were edited for clarity and aggregated in common themes. BTN editors supplemented these surveys with more in-depth conversations with buyer users and consultants to understand how these tools perform on the ground with certain types of clients and/or in specific regions. We learned a lot in the process and hope you do too.  


 alt='What's Next for Online Booking Tools?'  Title='What's Next for Online Booking Tools?'
What's Next for Online Booking Tools?Wed., Mar. 23 at 1pm ET / 10am PTWatch Now

The market for online booking tools may be more confusing than ever—the lines between a traditional travel management company and the online booking tool have blurred, with more TMCs taking a tech-first approach. The concept of a front-facing portal behind which several booking tools can sit has captured attention. And, of course, you still have the option to pick a booking tool relationship separate from your TMC—but should you? And which booking tool is right for your program—an emerging, consumer-looking tool or an established global choice with limited user-appeal?

That's a lot of questions, but travel buyers will have to answer each and every one of them in detail when researching and sourcing a new online booking tool. In this webinar, BTN convenes a panel of buyer and consultant experts to walk you through the thought process, discuss their own deal-breakers and predict where the market is going.