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Travel Management/ Travel Management Companies
8600 W Bryn Mawr Ave
Chicago, IL 60631
Phone: 1 773-380-0150
Fax: 1 773-380-7028

Best Travel Key Executives

President & Chief Executive Officer: Guy Bernacchi
Executive Vice President of Sales & Account Management: Judi Elya Mccarthy
Executive Vice President of Operations & Technology: Judy Anglada

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Travel category sourcing managers share with their colleagues in travel management many of the same challenges, concerns and aspirations. Some are much more specific to the procurement discipline. On the condition of anonymity, many sourcing managers discussed their work as part of a recent Travel ...

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Negotiated flat rates still provide better value than dynamic pricing agreements at high-volume hotels, though dynamic pricing does offer savings when properly applied, according to research by CWT Solutions Group.

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Accenture in 2011 launched My Travel Summary, a dashboard widget detailing six airfare spending metrics that appears on the personal Accenture portal home page of every traveling employee.