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Travel Management/ Travel Management Companies
8600 W Bryn Mawr Ave
Chicago, IL 60631
Phone: 1 773-380-0150
Fax: 1 773-380-7028

Best Travel Key Executives

President & Chief Executive Officer: Guy Bernacchi
Executive Vice President of Sales & Account Management: Judi Elya Mccarthy
Executive Vice President of Operations & Technology: Judy Anglada

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Accenture in 2011 launched My Travel Summary, a dashboard widget detailing six airfare spending metrics that appears on the personal Accenture portal home page of every traveling employee.

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BTN's 2013 Travel Manager of the Year Karoline Mayr and 2013 Best Practitioners—Tim Hay, Cindy Heston, Steven Schoen and Mark Stansbury—in August engaged in a roundtable discussion with BTN editors in San Diego. Edited excerpts of that discussion follow.