Per Diems for 200 CitiesPer Diems for 200 Cities

BTN provides business travel per diems for 100 U.S. cities & 100 non-U.S. cities, breaking down hotel, food and car rental costs. Plus, analysis on cost fluctuations in each the U.S., Americas, Asia/Pacific & EMEA, and the biggest changes in each category and region.

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Annual Research

Corporate Travel Index

BTN and its research partners dove into per-diem data for 100 U.S. cities and 100 more around the rest of the world. The result: daily costs for hotel, car rental and food to help manage your travel program.... KEEP READING

Expense Manager Report

BTN surveys expense managers and travelers about the expense tools they use, reimbursement policies, the processes most important to them & more.... KEEP READING

TMC Survey & Report

BTN tracks the air transactions various travel management companies handle, as well as the air sales volume to offer a sense of TMC and business travel trends as they evolve year over year.... KEEP READING

Car Rental Survey & Report

Travel buyers rate the major car rental companies in seven categories & quantify both how important chauffeured transportation qualities are and how satisfied they are with suppliers’ delivery on those factors.... KEEP READING

Hotel Survey & Report

BTN surveys travel buyers to gather ratings for 12 factors across each the luxury, upper-upscale, upscale, upper-midprice, midprice & extended-stay tiers.... KEEP READING