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GBTA: 2012 Travel Manager Compensation Grows

November 28, 2012 - 02:35 PM ET

By Jay Boehmer

The average 2012 base salary for "corporate travel and meetings managers working the United States and Canada" increased 3.4 percent year over year to $85,488, according to a Global Business Travel Association Foundation survey released Wednesday.

Total compensation, including bonuses, among the 529 survey respondents averaged $93,232.

While this year's respondents reported average compensation levels below the $101,736 average in last year's survey, GBTA attributed the decline not to falling wages, but a different respondent base in each survey.

The GBTA Foundation in its report highlighted several correlations related to travel buyer compensation, some of which were not surprising. Among those, respondents with greater seniority, longer duration of employment and higher age on average garnered higher wages. So too did respondents who oversaw higher travel budgets.

Average compensation for director-level respondents increased 4.1 percent year over year to $140,650, while increasing 3.3 percent to $92,407 for managers and 2.7 percent to $60,157 for coordinators. Respondents averaged a 46-hour workweek, though respondents with more senior titles on average spent more time on the clock.

Sixty-three percent of respondents contended they "are very satisfied or satisfied with their compensation," according to GBTA. "Not surprisingly, satisfaction levels increase as salary level increases."

Of the respondents, 77 percent were women, according to GBTA, yet a higher proportion of men held more senior roles. "Coordinators (89 percent) are much more likely than directors (60 percent) and managers (78 percent) to be women," according to GBTA.

Eighty-seven percent of respondents held responsibility for administering corporate travel programs, while the same number negotiated with travel vendors, and 84 percent held responsibility for developing and administering travel policy.

While 61 percent of respondents indicated that "more than half" of their time was spent on "travel management," the foundation highlighted a variety of responsibilities held by respondents. "Travel managers also have responsibilities in other areas such as event planning (43 percent), evaluating new technology (79 percent) and developing strategic meetings management programs (38 percent)," according to GBTA.

Finance (25 percent), purchasing (20 percent), strategic sourcing (11 percent), administration (10 percent) and operations (9 percent) were the most common departments through which respondents reported.

Meanwhile, respondents on average indicated that 2012 domestic T&E budgets increased 12 percent year over year, while the average international T&E budget was up 7 percent.

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