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BTN's 2012 Hotel Chain Survey: Ringing In The New

September 10, 2012 - 05:00 PM ET

By Michael B. Baker

Several relatively new hotel brands have made strong inroads with travel buyers in Business Travel News' 2012 Hotel Chain Survey, with some introduced within the past two decades beating out legacy brands.

[Please click here to view the digital edition of the 2012 Hotel Chain Survey, featuring all charted data, downloadable as a pdf.] 

BTN this year changed its scoring system in the hotel chain survey, switching to a six-point scale from the five-point scale it had used for several years. The criteria also changed slightly. Non-resort and resort meetings facilities were merged into a single category, and the rating of commission payment systems was dropped. One new criterion was added: consistency of a brand's offering.

This makes year-over-year comparisons difficult in terms of overall buyer satisfaction levels. Comparing surveys does, however, show a shift in buyers' preferences, with only one brand that was at the top of its tier in last year's survey repeating that feat this year and several other top brands from last year falling considerably in their rankings.

Of the multibrand hotel companies, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Hilton Worldwide and Hyatt Hotels Corp. each had two brands top their tiers, and Marriott International had one. Hyatt Place, the youngest of the mostly young select-service category entrants, this year earned its first number-one finish, as did Starwood's Luxury Collection and St. Regis brand.


Business Travel News' U.S. Hotel Chain Survey annually measures corporate buyer opinions of the lodging brands they use. BTN emailed corporate readers responsible for hotel-buying decisions, asking them to rate hotels, arranged by tier, with which they did business in the past year.

The survey bases hotel-tier divisions on price-point data provided by STR along with industry knowledge of how buyers relate with specific brands. Buyers rated hotels in each segment on as many as 12 attributes, each on an ascending numerical scale from one to six. The highest average score for each attribute is listed in boldface.

The data is based on 221 respondents. BTN reported results only for hotel tiers and chains with significant respondent usage.

This report originally appeared in the Sept. 10, 2012, issue of Business Travel News. 

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