Traveler Happiness Index

Welcome to BTN's Traveler Happiness Index, a turnkey tool for measuring business traveler satisfaction. Register below to receive a link customized to your organization to field to your business travelers. You'll also receive a personal login and password to track your organization's index.

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Three Steps to Get Your Organization's Traveler Happiness Index Data

1. Send your customized link to your company's business travelers.

2. Your travelers take the survey.

3. Log in to BTN's Traveler Happiness Index database with your customized credentials. Collect your organization's Traveler Happiness Index Score, see how it compares to the overall index of all participating organizations and receive more than 20 line-item results that not only show what is most important to your company's business travelers but also rate how well the program delivers.*

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Your Organization's Results Remain Private

No other participating organization will have access to your results. BTN will collect all survey results to aggregate for broader viewing. No individual organization will be singled out for reporting, editorial, social media, marketing or any other purpose without permission. BTN will publish overall results in October to serve as an industry benchmark. In addition, to encourage your travelers' participation, BTN will not collect individual travelers' information.