BTN's 2015 Influencers

BTN's 2015 25 Most Influential
25 Most Influential

BTN’s annual list includes executives from three airlines with contrarian models—Lufthansa, Etihad and Spirit—that are forcing legacy carriers to pay attention. Delta’s Dave Holtz also makes the list representing a large carrier that leads the industry... Keep Reading

John Hertz: BTN Hall of Fame
John Hertz: BTN Hall of Fame

Hertz international group president Michel Taride discusses how founder John Hertz would view the company’s journey and its current position and talks about factors influencing the car rental industry now.  ... Keep Reading

Mike Leven: BTN Hall of Fame
Mike Leven: BTN Hall of Fame

Mike Leven talks about his previous roles as president of Holiday Inn as it launched Holiday Inn Express, president of Days Inn, CEO of a company that franchised Microtel Inn & Suites and Hawthorn Suites and founder of the  Asian American Hotel... Keep Reading

Leo van Wijk: BTN Hall of Fame
Leo van Wijk: BTN Hall of Fame

Without corporate travel, the airline industry would not exist, said SkyTeam chairman Leo van Wijk, who also discussed the Northwest Airlines/KLM relationship that turned into SkyTeam.  ... Keep Reading

Going Big: Eric Bailey, BTN’s 2015 Travel Manager Of The Year, Combines Vision With Partnership
Eric Bailey: Travel Manager of the Year

In the race for a seamless business travel experience, technology suppliers have been inching toward solutions. With the help of Microsoft’s Eric Bailey, a new set of tools—potentially game changing—will soon be available to the wider industry.... KEEP READING

Best Practitioner 2015: Robert Jacobsen Combines Gamification & Sustainability
Robert Jacobsen: Best Practitioner

T-Mobile has planted more than 90,000 trees in Haiti, part of an unconventional travel gamification program that has cracked the code of how to incentivize travelers to change their booking behaviors. Rather than rewarding employees directly, the... KEEP READING

Best Practitioner 2015: Cisco Buyer Susan Lichtenstein Finds New Savings With A Different Negotiating Style
Susan Lichtenstein: Best Practitioner

“We’ve really been negotiating the same way since about 1937,” Cisco Systems global travel procurement director Susan Lichtenstein said of travel supplier-buyer contracts. Despite seemingly constant hotel contract negotiations, both sides remain... KEEP READING

Best Practitioner 2015: Pam Massey Co-Founds Association Of NGOs For Consortium Contracting
Pam Massey: Best Practitioner

Nongovernmental organizations’ travel patterns can be remote and erratic, making travel management best practices hard to define. That didn’t stop Pam Massey, senior manager of global travel for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, who, along with... KEEP READING

Best Practitioner 2015: BP's Lisa Stanford Drives Compliance, Aggressive Contracts Through Data
Lisa Stanford: Best Practitioner

In August, West Texas Intermediate crude oil dropped to its lowest price per gallon since March 2009. The roughly 60 percent slide since June 2014 revitalized the BP travel program’s attention to savings. Lisa Stanford, global airline program... KEEP READING