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 alt='IntheKnowWebinar'  Title='IntheKnowWebinar'
Food and the Modern Business TravelerSeptember 15 at 1 PM ET / 10 AM PTWatch Now

Your organization has preferred programs for air, hotel and cars. …The last thing your road warriors need is a preferred restaurant network--or is it?  Today’s modern travelers want tailored experiences based on their travel needs and personal desires. Learn how companies are promoting preferred restaurant networks not only to create enjoyable experiences for travelers while they’re on the road, but also to reinforce expense reimbursement policies and achieve substantial savings in a historically unmanaged category.

In this 30-minute BTN Group “In The Know” webinar, created in partnership with sponsor Dinova, corporations and industry experts detail their approaches to driving both savings and increased traveler satisfaction from business meals. Ask your own questions during the Live Q&A.


 alt='Performance Management Strategies for 2018 and Beyond'  Title='Performance Management Strategies for 2018 and Beyond'
Performance Management Strategies for 2018 and BeyondSeptember 7 at 1:00 PM ET / 10:00 AM PTWatch Now
As you negotiate 2018 air and hotel rates, is it time to include dynamic performance management in the mix? What data must you be tracking today to determine the success of your air and hotel strategies? Consolidation, more sophisticated yield management practices and other industry changes are making it harder than ever for corporations and their travelers to evaluate great rates for business travel.
In this 60-minute BTN Group webinar, sponsored by BCD Travel, learn how leading practitioners are rethinking air and hotel negotiating strategies and implementing dynamic performance management to improve their programs. Better understand the industry changes that are making it more challenging to rely only on the annual RFP process to deliver the best rates and discounts for your program.
 alt='United Airlines Webinar 8.24'  Title='United Airlines Webinar 8.24'
Dashboards: Connecting the DotsAugust 24 at 1:00 PM ET / 10 AM PTWatch Now

Dashboards are increasingly used in business – and in managed business travel – to track key performance indicators and business metrics. Instead of pouring over monthly and quarterly reports, a quick glance at a travel  dashboard can inform travel stakeholders of spending, policy compliance, contract performance or other factors to connect the dots in their travel program. Learn more about building, distributing and using dashboards to better manage travel programs in this free one-hour BTN Group webinar, sponsored by United Airlines.

Listen as travel professionals and industry experts explain how they’re using dashboards today, key metrics to track and how to connect your own dots. Join live to ask your own questions of the panel.

 alt='Winning Over Travelers To Boost Managed Travel Performance'  Title='Winning Over Travelers To Boost Managed Travel Performance'
Winning Over Travelers To Boost Managed Travel PerformanceAugust 3 at 1 PM ET / 10 AM PTWatch Now

Improving travel program savings today often comes from winning over travelers and internal stakeholders. Driving incremental savings is all about convincing travelers of the value of your managed travel programs and that they “really won’t get a better deal on the web.” How do you cajole, entice or engage them to use your managed travel program, preferred hotels and other suppliers? Register now for this 60-minute BTN Group webinar on traveler engagement best practices, sponsored by BCD Travel. 

Learn how Kellogg saved $7 million in less than two years by transforming corporate culture. Hear how LinkedIn’s use of a traveler survey and regional road show turned travelers into program advocates. And, hear other best practices to boost both traveler satisfaction and savings. Listen live to ask your own questions. 


 alt='Air Canada Travel Policy Webinar'  Title='Air Canada Travel Policy Webinar'
Rethinking Corporate Travel PolicyJuly 20 at 1 PM ET / 10 AM PTWatch Now
The starting point for most travel program, the travel policy is often ignored, overlooked or routinely violated. But some corporations are trying to change all that by rethinking how they write, communicate and enforce their policies. Some are shortening, perhaps not to one- or two-pages, but considerably tighter than the tomes most use today. Others are redefining approaches and guidance on air buying due to industry changes such as premium economy and basic fares, sharing economy providers and risk factors. 

Learn how travel managers are approaching the task, key stakeholders to engage in the process and best practices from early adopters of new approaches in this 60-minute BTN Group thought-leadership webinar, sponsored by Air Canada. Ask your questions of the speakers during the live audience Q&A. 
 alt='Small & Midsize Travel Programs - Ask The Experts!'  Title='Small & Midsize Travel Programs - Ask The Experts!'
Small & Midsize Travel Programs - Ask The Experts!July 13 at 1 PM EDT / 10 AM PDTWatch Now
Business Travel News’ 2017 Small & Midsize Travel Program webinar puts a sharp point on programs with $12 million or less in U.S. originating air spend. Participants will preview early returns from BTN’s Salary & Job Satisfaction survey to learn abou travel manager pay and job responsibilities in the midmarket, but also review the SME segment’s biggest travel management challenges and opportunities. 

BTN’s expert panel will talk about sourcing strategies, new data and business intelligence opportunities, travel risk management and more. Plus, a live Q&A with the panel will answer your specific questions about kick-starting and optimizing your SME travel program.
 alt='Reimagining Corporate Travel - Deem'  Title='Reimagining Corporate Travel - Deem'
Reimagining Corporate TravelJune 28 at 1PM EDT / 10AM PDTWatch Now
Disruptors in travel are making it harder for corporations to manage travel with the same approach, policy and tools. Content fragmentation, supplier direct initiatives and a bevy of new consumer apps are challenging even the most progressive travel programs. How are managers responding?

Join us for this 60-minute BTN Group thought-leader webinar, as travel managers and professionals highlight the challenges and opportunities identified in managed travel today. In this Deem-sponsored session, you will learn from industry experts and discover the best approach for innovating your travel program. Ask your own questions of the panel during the live audience Q&A.
 alt='dinova Meal expense webinar'  Title='dinova Meal expense webinar'
New Approaches to Meal Expense ManagementJune 8 at 1 PM ET / 10 AM PTWatch Now
With business travel on the rise, companies are looking for new ways to better manage all travel-related expenditures, including corporate dining and meals. Nearly one-third of travel decision-makers recently surveyed by The BTN Group said they had taken steps in the past two years to better manage corporate dining and 20 percent more said they planned to act this year. What are they doing to keep budgets in check and travelers well fed?
Join us as The BTN Group and Dinova detail survey results, along with insights from leading practitioners who are taking actions to better manage meal policies and practices, including for meetings, in their own programs in this 60-minute webinar.
 alt='Risk Mgmt Webinar Image May 17 2017'  Title='Risk Mgmt Webinar Image May 17 2017'
Taking on Travel Risk ManagementRecorded: 5/17Watch Now

With terror incidents affecting historically low-risk business travel markets in the last two years, controlling travel risk has once again become a high priority for travel managers. But travel risk isn’t all about high-profile crises: Medical emergencies, auto accidents, major weather disturbances even data theft all pose more common threats to business travelers and their companies.

Attend BTN’s Taking On Travel Risk Management webinar to find out how companies like yours are addressing travel risk management, and what’s at stake when they don’t.  

 alt='Hidden Figures Webinar'  Title='Hidden Figures Webinar'
Hidden Figures: How to Remove Invisible Costs from Your Hotel ProgramApril 12th at 12 pm ET/ 9 am PTWatch Now

Changes in traveler behavior, hotel chain marketing tactics and content sources have introduced a new level of chaos into corporate hotel programs. The resulting confusion makes it hard to know if you’re paying too much or getting the most value out of your hotel spend. It’s also easy for your travelers to think they’re saving the program money while actually driving up total hotel costs.

In this 60-minute BTN Group webinar sponsored by BCD Travel, learn how leading practitioners are solving these issues and winning over their travelers to drive up compliance.

 alt='Total Trip Costs: How to Get There and Why'  Title='Total Trip Costs: How to Get There and Why'
Total Trip Costs: How to Get There and WhyMarch 23 at 1pm ET / 5pm GMTWatch Now
How much is it really costing to send your business travelers to Chicago, Dubai, London, San Francisco or anywhere? Bookings through multiple travel management companies, and increasingly other channels, combined with changes and on-the-road expenses historically have made it difficult to discern the total cost of every trip. A growing number of leading travel managers are thinking bigger.

In this 60-minute BTN Group webinar, sponsored by Pi, learn what questions they’re asking suppliers, data scientists and travelers, what they’ve learned, and how they are using their new insights to enhance travel programs.
 alt='Mobile, Digital and the Future of Travel Management'  Title='Mobile, Digital and the Future of Travel Management'
Mobile, Digital and the Future of Travel ManagementMarch 16 at 1pm ET / 10am PT / 5pm GMTWatch Now
As businesses begin to re-align to a new digital future, how should managed travel programs prepare? Two decades after online booking forever altered corporate travel a barrage of new digital technologies – think open booking, personalization, sharing economy services and mobile – continue to confront the status quo.
How are travel managers responding?

Join the 60-minute BTN Group webinar, sponsored by Air Canada, to hear leading practitioners share their insights on the digital, mobile and social transformations that are challenging, and in some instances reshaping, their travel management programs.
 alt='amexmiddlemarket'  Title='amexmiddlemarket'
Middle Market Travel Programs: Challenges and TrendsDecember 8 at 1pm ET / 10am PTWatch Now
The middle market is one of the fastest-growing business segments in the U.S. economy. Along with revenue growth, many companies have experienced a surge of business travel volume, not to mention the challenges that come with such changes, according to a recent survey conducted by The BTN Group and American Express Global Business Travel. Nearly two-thirds of survey respondents cited increased travel volume in 2016 from 2015 and expect even more volume growth next year. 

But one of the biggest challenges for midsize travel program managers is simply finding the time, management support and technology to effectively manage the travel category amongst other responsibilities. Register now for this 60-minute webinar produced by The BTN Group and sponsored by American Express Global Business Travel, to hear leading managers of middle market firms and an expert on transformational growth strategies comment on survey highlights and share lessons learned as they navigated program fluctuations, global expansion and other changes.
 alt='Duty of Care in Travel: In Action'  Title='Duty of Care in Travel: In Action'
Duty of Care in Travel: In ActionDecember 1 at 1pm ET / 10am PTWatch Now

What does a Duty of Care program really look like for global business travelers and travel managers? As multinational travel continues to grow and health, political and other unknowns more frequently emerge, the focus on duty of care has grown. How are companies managing communications, safety, security, knowledge, border crossing insights and more? 

Learn the realities of Duty of Care programs today from leading global travel managers and professionals in this free, 60-minute BTN Group webinar, sponsored by Air Canada.

Ask your Duty of Care questions during the LIVE Q&A

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Advancing Business Travel IntelligenceNovember 16 at 1pm ET/10am PTWatch Now
Business Travel News’ Advancing Business Travel Intelligence webinar will offer insights into deep data analytics practices emerging in travel management. The research gives an inside view of how travel buyers and managers from across the industry are managing their data, what data they value and how those data sets are expanding. BTN’s expert panelists will give case studies of building an analytics tool versus buying an off-the-shelf product. They’ll talk about diversifying their travel data sets, what that brings to the table and how deeper analytics can deliver.

In a new research study, The Beat untangles the inner workings of one of the most critical, and perhaps complicated, relationships in corporate travel: that between travel buyers and their travel management company. TMCs can take on various roles for the organizations they serve: transaction enabler, policy developer, compliance enforcer, core travel technology implementer as well as provider of reporting, analysis and data consolidation—and much more. In a survey conducted this summer, travel buyers shared insights on their TMC relationships. 

Join us to learn the results, along with views from leading stakeholders in those relationships. In this one-hour The Beat webinar, sponsored by Delta Air Lines, learn about the nuances of these relationships, industry benchmarks, recent changes and how to download your own copy of a special report of all the findings.

 alt='meetingsmanagement'  Title='meetingsmanagement'
Advancing Strategic Meetings ManagementNovember 8 at 1pm ET/ 10am PTWatch Now
Companies that start and end strategic meetings management under the governance of travel management may be missing some of the more advanced aspects of the practice. While there’s no question of the value around venue sourcing and contract signing authority, it doesn’t have to be the end game. In this webinar, BTN and a panel of experts will look at trends in sourcing and contracting, but will expand the discussion to meetings globalization and duty of care, how SMM programs are now more likely to be tied to marketing and that unique set of business objectives—and how that can make strategic meetings management more effective for the corporation company. Last, small and midsize players are adopting SMM practices. What are they doing – and how fast are they advancing their programs.