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KDS Partnering With International SOS, Exploring How To Close Duty-Of-Care Gaps

November 19, 2012 - 01:25 PM ET

By Amon Cohen

Online booking and expense tool provider KDS signed a partnership deal with security services and medical assistance company International SOS, according to KDS vice president for product strategy Oliver Quayle. Though the partnership initially will consist of the two companies recommending their customers to each other, Quayle said the companies also are looking to build a data link from the KDS Maverick product, which captures information on bookings made outside authorized reservation channels, to the ISOS traveler tracking system.

Maverick is the KDS solution to the much-discussed challenge of rogue, out-of-policy travel bookings. Using technology developed by ProcureApp, Maverick can be configured to direct travelers to the KDS booking tool if they attempt to make a purchase directly on a supplier website. However, if the traveler persists with the unauthorized booking, Maverick can capture the reservations data and feed it into the KDS expense tool.

Now KDS is exploring whether the data also can be routed to ISOS. One of the biggest concerns about noncompliant bookings is the increased risk faced by corporations unable to track employees in the event of an emergency. Traveler tracking tools currently offered by companies like ISOS usually can track travelers only if their reservations were made through a global distribution system channel.

"Maverick travel is a duty-of-care issue," said Quayle. "We have been speaking with [International SOS] for a long time about how to solve the problem of people booking elsewhere. We think that having a duty-of-care company like ISOS is the perfect partner because that is the biggest gap in the concept of flexible travel management. It is great to have the ecosystem start to pull together."

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