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GBTA To Launch French Association

January 26, 2012 - 10:10 AM ET

By David Jonas

The Global Business Travel Association announced plans to launch GBTA France, a "French-speaking, not-for-profit association in France." GBTA said it will be its "first owned chapter" in Europe and will include "educational forums, benchmarking groups and industry affairs engagement."

Founding members of the GBTA France board include the association's president Yann Le Goff (who also serves as sourcing director for Sidel Group), general secretary Jean Pierre Drioux (also a travel manager at Axa) and treasurer Paul Tilstone (also GBTA chief global development officer and European managing director).

"It is being built from scratch as an entirely new legal, French entity, albeit with support from GBTA centrally and a strategy jointly agreed between GBTA and the new GBTA France board," Tilstone told BTN.

As a precursor, GBTA about a year ago announced a less-formal French networking group for international travel managers. The association formed that group after ending negotiations with L'Association Française des Travel Managers (AFTM), one of the few European national business travel associations previously aligned with GBTA that opted not to become a GBTA Europe affiliate. Instead, AFTM in March 2011 partnered with the Association of Corporate Travel Executives.

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