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Amex Reorganizes Leaders

April 28, 2008 - 12:00 AM ET

By Seth Harris

American Express Business Travel in April, under a global realignment of its leadership, announced that it moved client-facing operations under COO Priyan Fernando, who it named president of the travel management company's customer group, which includes client management and consulting.

The company also named Andy McGraw to the newly created role of senior vice president and general manager of worldwide sales. McGraw previously headed North American sales and client management. Vice president and general manager of the U.S. and Canada middle market Tom Bligh now also handles large-market client management.

American Express also appointed former vice president and general manager of multinational accounts Hervé Sedky to head the Global Advisory Services consulting unit and global meeting solutions. Bligh and Sedky also joined the executive team of the president of global travel services Charles Petruccelli. Senior vice president and general manager Julie Bottner, formerly charged with Americas operations, now heads global operations.

Fernando, who led Amex's efforts to globalize operations by standardizing agent processes and technology and developing a hub call center system, said his charge over client-facing functions was driven by account globalization moving into downstream markets, the growth of advisory services and plans for aggressive organic growth.

"This is about taking that alignment to the next stage of driving it globally for more support at a local level," he said. "In the new economic model where we have multiple sources of revenue, we are positioning to be a business of tremendous growth. To cope with that, we have spent a lot of time creating this robust operating model around the world. We are reconfiguring ourselves to truly put our global engine behind acquisition, adding value to customers and advocating for suppliers."
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