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2010 Corporate Travel 100 Listing Updates

October 01, 2010 - 12:40 PM ET

BTN has received a handful of updates to individual listings after the CT100 was published. Currently listed: Deloitte, Pfizer, KPMG, Verizon, Thomson Reuters, Interpublic Group and Nike.

6. Deloitte

2009 U.S. booked air volume:$192 Million

U.S. T&E: $622 Million

Preferred vendors: Delta, American, Continental; Marriott, Starwood, Hilton; Avis, Budget, Hertz; Orbitz For Business International

Consolidated U.S. agency: BCD Travel

Big Four accounting and consulting firm Deloitte in 2009 implemented a pre-trip approval process for discretionary travel.

As it did so, U.S. booked air volume decreased almost 30 percent year over year, and U.S. travel and entertainment spending was down more than 36 percent.

The company also conducted an airline request for proposals in 2009, resulting in the elimination of one major carrier from its program, and altered its policy to address usage of wireless Internet aboard aircraft.

Deloitte integrated its travel program in India with its U.S. program. The company replaced its booking tool, supplied by Travelport, with Orbitz for Business International in 2009. U.S. travelers last year used Diners Club MasterCard and American Express cards and its travelers report expenses through an internal tool.

23. Pfizer

2009 U.S. booked air volume: $100 million

Companywide booked air volume: $234 million

U.S. T&E: $155 million

Companywide T&E: $737 million

Preferred vendors: Delta, American, Continental, British Airways; Marriott, Hilton, Starwood; Avis, Budget, Hertz; GetThere, Amadeus E-Travel; Concur

Consolidated global agency: BTI

Pfizer in October 2009 finalized a $68 billion acquisition of pharmaceutical rival and former Corporate Travel 100 member Wyeth, and its listed travel volumes incorporate both companies' spending.

The Wyeth integration was a key aspect of Pfizer's 2009 travel strategy, along with the issuance of a new travel policy that mandated the use of Pfizer's GetThere online booking tool for domestic U.S. travel. The company uses Amadeus' E-Travel booking tool outside North America.

Pfizer also continued to consolidate international travel agency services and establish service centers with the intention of building a follow-the-sun service model in the next three years. The company continues to hold a global agency contract with BTI—formerly a joint venture between BCD Travel and HRG Worldwide that continues to service clients that predate its breakup—for the bulk of Pfizer's international business. American Express also holds a piece.

Pfizer is considering limiting business-class travel to flights of at least six hours, up from five, and is evaluating first-class eligibility. Pfizer plans to further encourage telepresence as an alternative to travel.

33. KPMG

2009 U.S. booked air volume: $75 million

Preferred vendors: American, United, Delta; Marriott, Hilton; Hertz, Avis; American Express CTO, GetThere

Consolidated U.S. agency: American Express

KPMG last year continued a firmwide initiative to reduce travel expenses, promote use of remote conferencing and enforce travel policy compliance that it implemented in 2008.

KPMG mandated use of preferred hotels wherever applicable, and the use of nonrefundable airfares for all internal travel and meetings. The firm also required pre-trip approval for all international travel and the use of purpose-of-trip coding. It also continued to raise its adoption of online booking. As a result, BTN estimates that the professional services firm and Big Four auditor cut U.S. booked air volume by $35 million from the $115 million it spent in 2008.

American Express served as KPMG's consolidated U.S. agency. Travelers use the Diners Club/MasterCard networks.

61. Verizon 

2009 U.S. booked air volume:$44.6 Million

Companywide booked air volume: $53 Million

Preferred vendors: American, Delta, US Airways, Continental, United; Marriott, Courtyard, Doubletree, Hilton, Starwood, InterContinental; National, Enterprise, Avis, Budget; GetThere, Orbitz For Business

Consolidated U.S. agency: None

Telecommunications giant Verizon last year made moves to further globalize its travel program, initiating a global card program and transitioning 100 percent of its travel reporting and 90 percent of its travel customer-service handling to India.  The company this year continues its travel program rollout throughout the Europe, Middle East and Africa region, after which it will target a rollout to Asia/Pacific countries.  

Verizon's wireline businesses—Verizon Telecom and Verizon Business— use American Express Travel and Carlson Wagonlit Travel, respectively, to provide travel management services, as well as GetThere for online transactions. Verizon Wireless uses Orbitz For Business as an end-to-end solution. The company has maintained a domestic online booking adoption rate of 90 percent plus over the past few years, and also instituted a pre-trip approval policy for some business groups.    

Verizon travelers use the American Express corporate card for travel expenses, which are filed using an Oracle Peoplesoft system. Verizon this year plans to use HelmsBriscoe to increase its formal meetings program.

63. Thomson Reuters

2009 U.S. booked air volume: $43.2 million

Companywide booked air volume: $74.4 million

U.S. T&E: $140 million

Preferred vendors: American, US Airways, British Airways; Hilton, Marriott, Starwood; National, Hertz; American Express Axiom, CWT Horizon

Consolidated U.S. agency: None

Thomson Reuters' U.S. booked air volume fell to $43.2 million last year, from $52 million in 2008. Following the completion of Thomson's April 2008 acquisition of news and financial information services company Reuters, the combined company's travel team has worked to harmonize policy, refine processes and consolidate suppliers.

Those efforts continued with a revamp of its corporate travel policy, which was implemented in the first quarter this year. The company in 2009 worked to further consolidate its hotel program and car rental suppliers following a request-for-proposals process. An airline RFP and U.S. car service RFP are on the travel team's agenda this year.

American Express and Carlson Wagonlit Travel serve as Thomson Reuters' primary agencies in the United States, and along with FCm, also provide travel management services outside of the United States.

Travelers who use American Express book travel online with the Rearden Commerce-based Axiom online booking tool, while travelers serviced by CWT used the Horizon tool in 2009. Elsewhere, travelers used GetThere, KDS or E-Travel in 2009 for online booking. Thomson Reuters initiated an online booking tool RFP the end of 2009 with plans to make a selection by the end of 2010. Thomson Reuters travelers use the American Express card for travel expenses, after renegotiating a contact with the card provider last year.

79. Interpublic Group

2009 U.S. booked air volume: $36.6 million

Companywide booked air volume: $53.8 million

Preferred vendors: American, Delta, Continental, British Airways; W Hotels, Westin, Leading Hotels Of The World; Avis, National, Budget; Cliqbook; Concur

Consolidated U.S. agency: American Express

Advertising and marketing services conglomerate Interpublic Group continues to roll out multinational travel management services. Last year, it consolidated travel and card processes in 92 business units in the Asia/Pacific region, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Japan and China. The company also consolidated an additional seven countries and 47 business units in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, a region where Interpublic expanded the Trondent independent profile system. As of end of 2009, the Interpublic travel program was consolidated in 26 countries, consisting of 580 business units.

This year, Interpublic continues to consolidate on a multinational basis its travel, profile system and corporate card program, with particular attention paid to Latin America. It also is focusing on online booking in Europe and is rolling out consistent meetings management processes.

American Express, along with HRG and Australia-based Bay Travel, provide travel services to Interpublic outside of the United States. Travelers in the United States carried either an American Express or Diners/MasterCard card in 2009 for travel expenses. In North American markets, the company last year expanded use of its preferred Cliqbook booking tool to more than 70 percent adoption with a 92 percent first-pass yield.

89. Nike

2009 U.S. booked air volume: $31.4 million

Companywide booked air volume: $49.6 million

Consolidated global agency: BCD Travel

Footwear and apparel manufacturer Nike has a distinct global bent to its corporate travel, with 65 percent of its U.S. air bookings involving international destinations, and in 2009 added 35 countries to its consolidated travel management program, bringing 98 percent of its worldwide travel spending under its auspices. Travel still is handled by BTI, a former joint venture between BCD Travel and HRG Worldwide that serves only existing clients. Nike plans to envelop more countries in the program in 2010.

Nike's travel management philosophy remains high-touch. It has a dedicated onsite facility at its Oregon headquarters, where the company last year introduced a new virtual-hold telephone system, which leaves messages and allows agents to flatten demand peaks and valleys.

The company slashed its U.S. booked air volume in 2009 by more than 40 percent from its 2008 level.

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