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Former Amex Exec McGraw Fills D'Astolfo's Role At Rearden

January 04, 2012 - 12:20 PM ET

By Chris Davis

Rearden Commerce on Wednesday announced that former top American Express Business Travel executive Andrew McGraw joined the company as senior vice president of travel services, filling a role vacated two weeks ago by Tony D'Astolfo.

According to a company statement, McGraw will "oversee the sale and distribution of" Rearden's Deem relevance engine products, which display online travel search results in accordance with determined user preferences, "to the entire ecosystem of travel."

McGraw left American Express Business Travel in March 2011 as senior vice president and general manager for worldwide sales and global field effectiveness. He had joined the company in 1998 when Amex acquired New Jersey super-regional agency Travel One.

American Express in 2006 paid $22.5 million for an equity stake in Rearden, which powered Amex's online Axiom marketplace. Rearden's statement today quoted McGraw as saying, "I know firsthand the exceptional innovations Rearden Commerce is producing to change the way in which buyers and sellers interact.”

D'Astolfo announced his departure in a Dec. 22 blog post and email to industry colleagues. He had served at the company for more than seven years. "I'll be taking a short break primarily to get my bowling game back in order," he said in the post, "but will also be looking for my next opportunity and challenge, so I'm sure I'll see you all out there very shortly."

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