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Minotel Intl

Minotel International is a Switzerland-based midrange hotel chain with locations around the world.

The entity was created in 1983 when three hotel chains—headquartered in France, Great Britain and Switzerland—agreed to manage their properties cooperatively.

The vast majority of the hotels are privately owned, and almost all are managed by the proprietor families. In order to qualify for the brand, a hotel must offer clean, spacious and attractive guest rooms, each with its own full bath. Each property has an on-site restaurant that serves local cuisine and regional wines, and breakfast is included in the room tariff.

Most Minotel properties are located within walking distance of the city center and central railway station. Some are situated in out-of-the-way places that are attractive, if not well-known.

According to management, the goals of proprietors should be clear, as stated in this directive: "The work of the hotelkeeper consists in serving the customer really well so that, by the time he leaves, he has become a friend. It is absolutely necessary that this friend return and also that he use other hotels in the chain."

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