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STR Global: November Hotel Rates Rise Outside Of Middle East/Africa

January 02, 2013 - 10:50 AM ET

By Michael B. Baker

Average daily hotel rates in November increased year over year in all global regions except the Middle East and Africa, according to STR Global.

In the Americas, ADR increased by 3.6 percent, including a 3.5 percent increase in the United States. Occupancy increased by 1.8 percent in both the United States (up to 56.5 percent) and the Americas overall (up to 57 percent). The largest ADR percentage increases in the region occurred in Toronto (11.5 percent), Santiago (11.2 percent) and Los Angeles (8.9 percent).

In Europe, November occupancy was flat year over year at 65.4 percent, but ADR in euro terms was up 2.4 percent. Several markets had significant ADR increases, including Edinburgh (12 percent), Frankfurt (10.8 percent) and Reykjavik (10.1 percent). In Athens, November ADR dropped by 9.3 percent, the largest percentage in the region.

The Asia/Pacific region's occupancy in November fell by 1.1 percent year over year to 72.1 percent, but ADR in U.S. dollar terms increased by 2.5 percent. The largest ADR percentage increase, 35.4 percent, was in Bangkok, a figure skewed because of flooding effects in November 2011. The largest ADR percentage decrease was in Delhi (down 9.8 percent).

In the Middle East/Africa, ADR in U.S. dollar terms was down 6.2 percent in November, although occupancy increased by 0.9 percent to 65.9 percent. ADR in Doha was up 6.5 percent, the largest percentage for the region. The largest ADR percentage decrease was in Beirut (down 32.6 percent), affected by both the ongoing Syrian conflict and an October bombing in the city, according to STR Global.

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