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Cvent Upgrades RFP Tool, Venue Listings

July 19, 2010 - 12:50 PM ET

By Michael B. Baker

Event management technology supplier Cvent on Monday launched an upgraded version of its Cvent Supplier Network that includes simplified versions of its request-for-proposals tool and enhanced venue information listings.

The network now allows buyers to use a request-for-information option to send their needs to restaurants and special event venues, an alternative to the more detailed RFP needed for large multiday events, said Chuck Ghoorah, Cvent's cofounder and executive vice president of sales and marketing. It also includes a new simplified RFP, he said.

"The RFP can be proportional to the event," Ghoorah said. "You don't want to do a five-step RFP when you just want to get a private dining room for 30 doctors."

Cvent's upgrade also enhanced venue profile details and filters for buyers. International buyers now can view event meeting space in square meters rather than square feet, for example, Ghoorah said. About 30 percent of Cvent's business comes from outside of the United States, he said.
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