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Global airline traffic increased 8.2 percent year over year in July, and capacity increased 6.5 percent,... READ MORE »
Travel Leaders Corporate announced a service to help companies identify travel-cost savings and optimize program management.... READ MORE »
More than 50,000 companies enrolled in Uber for Business during the first year of the program,... READ MORE »
Uber’s business model could be found unlawful now that a judge has expanded the plaintiff pool in a lawsuit... READ MORE »
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September 04, 2015 - 01:55 PM ET

BTN named Sue Lichtenstein a 2015 Best Practitioner for a new hotel contracting...

September 04, 2015 - 12:30 PM ET

“We’ve really been negotiating the same way since about 1937,” Cisco Systems...

September 03, 2015 - 04:15 PM ET

BTN's 2015 Travel Manager Of The Year figured most office workers and business...

September 03, 2015 - 04:05 PM ET

In the race for a seamless business travel experience, technology suppliers...

September 02, 2015 - 05:15 PM ET

A typical hotel sourcing season for computer technology company Dell ramps...

Ray LaHood
September 01, 2015 - 04:55 PM ET

Ray LaHood, U.S. Secretary of Transportation from 2009 to 2013, joined U.S....

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